General Information

Terms and Conditions

Enrollment Conditions

1. Payment in full must be received by the 1st lessons of the month. If payment is not made by the due date then your child’s position is forfeited and may be allocated to children on waiting lists.

2. The initial term’s fees will also contain a $25 registration fee per student. $15 for two or more being enrolled at one time i.e (families or Home Schools). A $10 book fee per student for Teach Me How Studio. This is essential for your child’s learning.

3. There will be a $10 late fee for payments submitted after your payment is due. 

4. All payments must be made to the Teach Me How Studio LLC office. The assistant studio teachers cannot accept any payments.

5. Taxes and Shipping cost will be applied to final balance owed.

Refunds, Missed Lessons, Make-up Policy

1. There are no refunds for missed lessons due to a child’s illness, inclement weather, family holidays etc. however students may make up missed lessons in other time slots provided there is space available. You must book a make-up class with your child’s teacher or the Teach Me How Studio office at least one week in advance.

2. Where lessons are missed due to the fault of Teach Me How Studio teachers then a refund or make-up class will be provided.

3. There are no lessons provided on Public Holidays or during school holidays.


All Terms, Conditions, Policies and Rules are subject to change without direct notification to any parties concerned or before updates on this website are made.

1. We encourage open and verbal communication about concerns or questions to be addressed by contacting us through the appropriate mechanisms given.

2. Email, Phone Call to request a in-person conference or meetings are examples of appropriate mechanisms.

3. information on the Teach Me How Studio website is subject to change at anytime. It is used to outline a general scope or view of the school and services. All details and specific concerns maynot befound on this site.


Participation and Attendance

It is understood that:

1. You take part in the music lessons/events/shows entirely at your own risk.

2. The organizers of the music lessons/events/shows do not accept any liability of whatsoever nature and however arising in respect of any claim, damages, loss, injury or expenses suffered directly or indirectly by any Participant/student arising out of or in connection with his/her participation in the music lessons/events/shows.

Getting Started

It is an integral for each participants/students to practice.

1. To arrive on time for class

2. Bring their music book

3. To respect their teacher

4. To respect the property and equipment they use.

Some Class Ruels

It is a requirement and the responsibility of each participant/student taking part in the music lessons/shows/events:

1. To listen carefully and follow the teacher’s instructions at all times.

2. To ask the teacher to clarify the direction given by the teacher if they do not understand.

3. To speak to the teacher if they are in any doubt or have any concerns.

4. To act in a manner that is safe and courteous to both the teacher and other students/participants.


Inclement Weather

Teach Me How Studio will send out a text message to all parents and students to notify you whether or not the studio will be open. Teach Me How Studio teachers are not responsible for scheduling a make-up lesson. Teach Me How Studio/D.A.B Music Lab will allow make-up lesson if lessons are canceled due to weather conditions within that month

No refunds will be issued

Holiday Breaks

Teach Me How Studio will be closed for the last 2 weeks in December for Christmas Break, and the week after the spring recital.

Cancellation of lessons

if you wish to cancel your child’s music classes, please ensure that written cancellation advice arrives at the Teach Me How Studio office a full 2 weeks prior to the start of the next term to avoid incurring the next term’s fees.